PIEWICA (Priboj x Wlodarka by Ofir)
  • Bay mare , 
  • Born at Tersk in 1953
  • Size : 151
  • Sire Line  : KOHEILAN ADJUZE 
  • Mare Line Maternelle : SZAMRAJOWKA
  • Pedigree
  • French
  • Description :
      PIEWICA was born on april, 8th 1953 at Tersk Stud in Russia. She was imported in Poland in 1956 to Albigowa Stud, then in France in 1973. She passed away in 1978 at the age of  25.

      PIEWICA, 5/8 sister of the famous PIETUSZOK, was one successful representative of SZAMRAJOWKA line, and the best descendant of the grey KEWA (Siglavi Bagdady II x Kalga by Amurath), born in 1923 and imported to Janow Podlaski stud in 1930. A very good race mare, PIEWICA raced 3 times in one year in the USSR, won 2 times and was placed once. The Polish breeders hopes were not disappointed for the four winners of the greatest Polish races are PIEWICA descendants.

      PIEWICA (Priboj x Wlodarka by Ofir)
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      PIEWICA was the dam of 18 foals :

        • PENZA, the dam of PENTAGON, PEKIN and especially PENITENT, who was Polish National Champion Stallion and European Champion Stallion and the sire of the very best grey ELDON, born in 1985 and who was, like his sire, European Champion Stallion in 1991 and Polish National Champion Stallion in 1992.

        • PIESN, the dam herself of the very good PIERSNICA.
        • PIERZGA, known to be one of the most beautiful NEGATIW's daughters, dam of the great race horse PIERROT who won the Derby in Poland, and the grey PILARKA, born in 1975 and who was 1981 Polish National Vice Champion mare, European Champion mare and World Champion mare.
        (Sparagowski Photo )
        • PIKA, PENTODA full sister, who was the dam of 1985 Swedish National Champion Stallion, PIWOSZ.
      Sire Line :
      PIEWICA 's sire, the chestnut PRIBOJ (Piolun x Rissalma by Shareer) was born in 1944 at Tersk stud and was one of the most important stallion of Russia.

      His sire, PIOLUN, born in Poland, was a strong stallion with high capacities as a race horse. He stayed only 3 years at Tersk stud and passed away in 1944, after being the sire of  55 foals. This horses bloodline characteristics are an important height, a high capacity and regularity at work.

      PRIBOJ was doubtlessly the best son of PIOLUN and gave great sons like PIETUSZOK,POMERANETS,TOPOL and SPORT. These stallions were and still are nowadays very significant in the World breed of Arabian horses.

      PIETUSZOK was especially used with success in Poland where he left a very good female descendant line like his daughters BEATRICE, WILMA, ALGONKINA and ORLA.

      Among the most beautiful PRIBOJ's daughters, we can name NEPOSEDA, MAMMONA's grand-daughter, a very distinguished mare ; her 3/4 sister MONOPOLIA, dam of the famous MARITSA, among others.
      PRIBOJ reproduced from 1948 to 1958 at Tersk stud and is the sire of  203 foals.

    Mare Line :
      PIEWICA, 's dam, the grey WLODARKA (Ofir x Kewa by Siglavi Bagday II) was born in 1938 at Janow Podlaski national stud and was evacuated in 1939 to Tersk stud in Caucasia.
      She was one of the best daughters of OFIR in the USSR and gave birth to foals who were PIEWICA's full brothers and full sisters.

      WLODARKA was the dam, with PRIBOJ, of the bay stallion PRIVET who set up the USSR best time in race on 2400 m in 2 mn 41 s and also of the bay mare PROWIERKA, born in 1948, imported in Poland where she was the dam of the filly PROWARDA (Korej x Prowierka by Priboj) born in 1958 at Albigowa stud.

      So, PIEWICA belongs to SZAMRAJOWKA family. This mare was born in 1810 at Bialocerkiew stud. Renowned in Poland, thanks to the broodmatron KEWA, this bloodline has the number XII of female lines which are registred in Poland stud books.

      The grey mare KEWA (Siglavi Bagdady II x Kalga by Amurath), born in 1923 at Inocenzdvor stud (Yugoslavia), was the dam of a very popular lineage.


      KEWA was imported to Janow Podlaski stud in 1930 where she reproduced until 1939 and was the dam of 6 fillies and 2 colts. We don't have to forget that this female bloodline is one of the oldest Polish female bloodlines who came back to Poland only after the First World War.

      KEWA was evacuated to the USSR in 1939, pregnant and followed with OFIR's foal.

      SZAMRAJOWKA's family produced in Poland 15 broodmatrons and this number keeps increasing.

      PIEWICA was 1 m 51 tall with 19 cm canonbone round. She had a very expressive head and looked hard to everyone with insistance, especially when she was with one of her foal. She loved her colts and fillies with passion and from the first moments after the birth of each one of her foals, she turned around him, licked and nibbled him endlessly, for she loved her foals so much. If someone wanted to cuddle her foal, she came in between without brusqueness, but with will and strength.

    Breeding Record :
    1958   grey colt  PIECZYNG by FAHER 1964 Belgium
    1959  grey filly  PENZA by FAHER Albigowa 
    1960  bay colt PIREUS by FAHER Albigowa
    1961  bay colt  PIESN by SEDZIWOJ 1971 U.S.A
    1962  chestnut colt PIEN by SEDZIWOJ Janow Podlaski 
    1963  died colt   by NEGATIW   
    1964  grey filly  PIERZGA by NEGATIW 1977 U.S.A 
    1965  barren       
    1966   grey filly  PECZORA by NEGATIW died
    1967  colt grey PIEMONT by NEGATIW Janow Podlaski 
    1968  barren      
    1969  grey colt  PIETYZM by NEGATIW  Janow Podlaski 
    1970   grey filly  PENTODA by BANDOS Janow Podlaski 
    1971  bay colt  PIERWIOSNEK by CARYCYN Janow Podlaski 
    1972  grey filly  PIKA by BANDOS 1976 Blommeröd Sweden 
    1973  grey colt  IBN BANDOS by BANDOS 1973 France
    1974  grey colt  BANDIT by BANDOS France
    1975  bay filly  ARBORA by ARBOR France
    1976   bay filly  PRIBORA by ARBOR France
    1977  bay colt  PRIBOR by ARBOR France

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