BANDOLA  (Witraz x Balalajka by Amurath Sahib) 
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BANDOLA «Janow’s Legend» and «Poland’s Queen»
Bandola par Margareth Swiertok
  • Mottled grey mare, 
  • born on March, 6th 1948 at Albigowa (Pol)
  • 23 races (4 victories, 14 places)
  • Died at 35, on March, 6th 1983
  • Full sister of BASK, BANIO and ARFA
  • Known as «Janow’s Legend» and «Poland’s Queen»
  • Sire line : Kuhailan Haifi ar. or.
  • Dam line : Mlecha ar. or.
BALALAJKA, her dam : (Amurath Sahib x Iwonka III by Ibn Mahomet) 
      • Grey mare born in 1941 in Krasnika (Pol) at Mrs Anna Bakowska’s stud’s.
      • She was, with her daughter ARFA, the only survivors of Krasnika stud in the aftermarth of World War II. She was taken to Albigowa Stud.
      • Died in 1957.
      • BALALAJKA produced foals from 1946 to 1947 in Krasnika (Pol) and from 1948 to 1957 at Albigowa stud (Pol).
      • She was the dam of 11 foals.
      • One of Poland’s most remarkable broodmatrons, the dam of :
        • BANIO (by WITRAZ) born in 1951, winner of the Criterium.
        • BEJ ASSAN (born in 1953, winner of the Criterium.
        • BASK (by WITRAZ), the bay stallion born in 1956, the USA’s National Champion Stallion and immortal sire of many champions in the USA,

        • died in 1979.
        • ARFA (by WITRAZ), the bay mare born in 1947.
        • BANDOLA Poland’s Queen, born in 1948.
        • BACHANTKA born in 1957, exported to the USA where she started an important family.
WITRAZ, her sire : (Ofir x Makata by Fetysz) 
      • A bay stallion born in 1938 at Janow Podlaski stud (Pol).
      • Very significant stallion.
      • One of the great «W» who had a great importance in the 20th Century’s Polish breeding.
      • Intensely used in Poland from 1941 to 1956.
      • WITRAZ was the sire of 14 excellent stallions, among which :
        • COMO born in 1949.
        • BANIO born in 1951.
        • MUHARYT born in 1957, and the famous
        • CELEBES born in 1941.
      • The others stallions were exported :
        • DARWIN (1943) exp. to Bulgaria.
        • BALIGROD (1950) and KADRON (1951) exp. to Romania.
        • BIBARS (1957)to Argentina.
        • KARMIN (1952)winner of the Derby in 1956, exported to Germany.
        • NUREDDIN (1953) to Sweden.
        • ENOS (1954) and RUSTAN(1958) exported to the USA.

        • And the most famous of all of these :
        • BASK, born in 1956, exported to the USA, the USA’s National Champion Stallion and the sire of very numerous great stars.


      WITRAZ is also the sire of 27 very high qualities broodmatrons :

        • among which 7 of them produced 14 stallions used in Poland :
          • ELEONORA(1944) El Trypoli’s dam.
          • BANDOLA (1948) the dam of BAJRAM, BARYSZ, BANDOS, BANZAJ and BANAT.
          • CELINA (1949) CHAZAR’s dam .
          • COSMOSA (1950) CEDR and KORD’s dam .
          • ELLORA (1960) EL AZRAK, ELFUR, EL PASO and ELLORUS’s dam.
              • EGERIA (1951) EGO’s dam .
BANDOLA  had a total of 16 foals, 11 colts and 5 fillies
      • BAJRAM grey, (by PIETUSZOK), born in 1956, the Canadian National Champion Stallion, exported in 1963 to the USA where he had a great career.
      • BARYSZ grey, (by FAHER), born in 1960, Canadian and USA Top Ten.
      • BANZAJ (1965) exported to USA.
      • BANAT bay, (by EL AZRAK), born in 1967, sold to the USA for 525.000 USA $, who was exchanged with Mrs Patricia Linsday’s stallion BURKAN used at Michalow stud from 1975 to 1977.
      • BANDOS grey, (by NEGATIW), born in 1964, exported in 1982 to the USA, to the Ventura Arabian Farm, for 806.000 USA $.
        • Poland owns several of his descendants :
          • Eukaliptus (Bandos x Eunice by Comet) ,
          • Ecaho (Pepton x Etruria by Palas),
          • Harbin (Eukaliptus x Halfa by Palas).
      • BANDA dark-brown, (by PIETUSZOK), born in 1962, exported to the USA in 1977 to the Nichols-Delongpré stud.
      • BANDAMA bay, (by CELEBES), born in 1970, sold during the 1985 Polish Ovation Sales for 650.000 USA $.
      • BEATRICE grey, (by PIETUSZOK) born in 1963, who raced 12 times (4 victories and 4 places), Oak’s winner, exported to the USA.
      • BALLADA grey, (by PARTNER), born in 1975, Sweden National Champion Stallion BALON’s dam.

        BANDOS (Photos Janow Podlaski)

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