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  •  ALARGA**  (DESPEKT**  x ALKOWA*** by PARTNER**)
        • Foaled on 16th of April 1995
        • Bred by Piew stud farm (France). 
        • Grey mare (she will be mottled grey). 
        • Dam line : MLECHA ar.or. 
        • Sire line  : Kuhailan Hafas ar.or. 
        • Her Pedigree
    • Gorgeous Kuhailan mare, she has inherited her two parents’ and ascendants’ qualities. 
    • She has a lot of charm type and refinement and she is an excellent mother, a quality undoubtedly inherited from her sire line, especially from COMET from whom comes 25 % of her blood.
    • Her nature is very gentle, a very important criterion for me, especially for broodmatrons.
    • This nature is a heritage from her sire, DESPEKT, and her mother, ALKOWA, a PARTNER’s daughter. 
    • ALKOWA ininherited her sire’s gentleness : it is wellknown that PARTNER lost the first place at the 1981 European Championship because of his gentleness. 
    • ALARGA is currently at home for visitors in Normandy, near BERNAY (Eure department), 120 km from Paris.
    • Her first foal  ANTALEK was born in 1999. He is by SET.
        In her pedigree, ALARGA has Polish Arabian racehorses as : 
    • DESPEKT : raced 10 races and was placed 7 times. 
    • DYSKA : CZORT’s full sister, she raced 9 races :

    • She won 4 times, among which the OAKS, and was placed 3 times. 
    • FORTA : 11 races, 2 victories and 8 times placed.
    • AQUINOR : 13 races, 1 victory and 6 times placed. 
    • COMET :   9 races, 1 victory and 5 times placed. 
    • ELEUZIS :  27 races, won 4 times and was placed 19  times. 
    • ENGANO :  9 races, won 2 times and was placed 5 times.
    • POHANIEC :   12 races, won 1 time and was placed 4 times.
         Her ascendants won too in show competition or were top prices in auctions, as :
    • POHANIEC : 1976 Sweden National Champion and European Vice-Champion stallion. 
    • ENGANO : 1977 European Champion stallion. 
    • PARTNER : 1979 Polish National Reserve-Champion and 1981 European Reserve-Champion stallion. 
    • ELEUZIS : 1971 US National Top Ten Stallion and Canadian Reserve-Champion stallion. 
    • ALFA : 1966 and 1968 Swedish National Show Gold Medal. 
    • EXCELSJOR : 1966 Sweden National Champion stallion and 1966 European Champion stallion. 
    • BOREXIA : 1974 Sweden National Champion Mare and « Best in Show ». 
    • DYSPUTA : ALARGA’s grandmother, sold 300.000 US $ to the USA at the age of 19 ans. 
    • PROBAT : ALARGA’s grandfather, sold 1.000.000 US $ to the USA. 
       ALARGA has in her pedigree :
    • 20 times of KUHAILAN HAIFI sire line. 
    • 10 times of ILDERIM sire line. 
    • 3 times of AQUINOR. 
    • 4 times of COMET. 
    • 25 %  of COMET’s blood, 

    • nicknamed « The « XXth century Phenomenon ». 
      ALARGA’s sire : DESPEKT  (Probat x Dysputa by Comet)
    • DESPEKT is a dark bay stallion, foaled on 11th of January 1981, bred by the National Stud of MICHALOW in Poland. Like all the young stallions in Poland, he started on the racecourses and he was noticed as his results showed it : in 10 races, he was three times second, three times third and once fourth, on distances between 1600 and 1800 meters. 
    • Leased to the USA for 5 years by the LASMA ARABIANS stud farm, he started from that moment his sire career. Every year, this stallion gave a high return of about 4.000.000 FF (the US $ was between 8 and 10 FF). Wedding with some BASK’s daughters, among others, his production was crowned with success. 
    • Doctor La Croix of LASMA ARABIANS said about him : DESPEKT is a fascinating pure Polish young dark bay stallion. He represents the new combination of Poland best lines. He is COMET’s grandson by his dam side and COMET’s great-grandson by his sire side. He has 8 times of the KUHAILAN HAIFI’s blood (which is BASK’s line), plus once the SAKLAWI cross with the ILDERIM and IBRAHIM’s lines”
    • He said too : The very good cross of the BASK-COMET’s lines gave some very good results, as : COGNAC, BASK MELODY, GWYNDALYN, GARDENIA, FIRE MUSIC and BASK CLASIX. Actually, DESPEKT married with the BASK’s daughters offer a successful fascinating new generation. The American breeders looked for and selected DESPEKT for his elegance and type, his beauty, his long neck, his excellent back as his long and very good croup, and his outstanding walks”
    • DESPEKT went back to POLAND in 1990 and the French PIEW stud farm succeeded to buy him during the JANOW PODLASKI Sales. 
    • DESPEKT has a very gentle nature, a powerful shoulder, very right and muscular back and croup, a very tall joint of tail. His chest is wide, he holds his long neck very majestically and sees you with eyes full of intelligence and intensity. 
    • During the Auctions, DESPEKT is said : DESPEKT and FAWOR are the best PROBAT’s sons in the pure KUHAILAN lines.” 
    • Izabella ZAWADZKA indicated : DESPEKT has an excellent build, with elegance and type. He represents one of the POLAND’s GREAT”
    • After the sale, Mr JAWOROWSKI, DESPEKT’s breeder, wrote : “The DESPEKT buying is very precious for the French Arabian horses breed. This harmonious and very correct stallion belongs to the great UKRAINKA’s dam line. DESPEKT’s dam, DYSPUTA, is a FORTA’s granddaughter who fathered excellent racehorses. DESPEKT was used at the USA LASMA ARABIANS stud farm and brought some very good results to the program stud. He breeds particularly well with the USA’s lines, especially with the BASK’s daughters.” 
    • ALARGA’s dam, ALKOWA foaled on 28th of April 1983, bred by the famous Swedish stud farm, Blömmerod Arabstuteri. She belongs to the only three PARTNER’s daughters born this year at Blömmerod, the two others being : 
        • PIKIETA (Partner x Pika by Bandos). 
        • TRYLOGIA (Partner x Tryponia by Pohaniec).
    • It is interesting to see that ALKOWA has a very close « inbreed » on ELEUZIS
    • In her veins, we find too the concentration of the COMET’s blood thanks to ENGANO (Eleuzis x Engracja by COMET), her dam grandfather, and ALPINA (Pohaniec x Aleksota by NEGATIW), her dam grandmother. 
    • Imported in March 1984, she is : 
      • 5/8 sister of the famous stallion GOKART (Partner x Gomora by Comet), 1982 Sweden National Champion stallion and 1984 Park Horse Champion stallion at the Pacific Slope Championship. 
      • And the half-sister too of the grey GONDAWA (Partner x Ceramika by Negatiw), 1981 Polish National Reserve-Champion mare
  • ALKOWA is too the half-sister of the grey stallion PENITENT (Partner x Penza by Faher), bred by the JANOW PODLASKI stud. He was 1985 Polish National Champion stallion, 1987 European Champion stallion and was exported to the USA in 1988. 


    • 1999 : Antalek by Set , grey, stallion, 2005 breeding saison at stud the "Haras des Ormes"  near Caen (France).
    • 2000 : bred to Set, barren.
    • 2001 : Azalia Ka by Set , mare grey, sold in 2003 , bred to Eclipse Mondragon.
    • 2002 et 2003 : not bred.
    • 2004 : Bred to Russian stallion "Shamilha Makassar" , bay who has 5 times in his pedigree the queen of  "Tersk" , the polish mare "Mammona" , stolen during the last war.
    • 2005 : Alamak Ka, colt , grey by Shamilah Makassar : Sold.
    • 2007 : Akropol ka , colt , grey by Tauqui El Masan ire****dre**** : Sold.
    • 2008 : not bred
    • 2011 : Akwarela ka  (Khoramchar x Alarga** by Despekt**), filly.


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